the journey of no limits .

Our CEO is known to find his own paths through life. That mindset has spread among us, and often takes us upon new adventures, pushing the rules of boundaries, finding paths that no one has walked before.

Some people call it innovation.

"We believe in pushing the boundaries of reality and imagination."

the human power

most of us are humans

We are much more than technology and we all have one, perhaps, rare thing in common.

We like Mondays.

We do what we love. The benefits for you are not just a better result, but also a more pleasant journey to get there.

building our team

We always train to be stronger, both as individuals and as a team. While doing so, we make sure we have fun.

Our belief is that the most important power comes from within and that finding the best way together, include finding the wrong way. This is how we discover virtual places yet unknown.

Thor Sone, XR Developer

Despite being in his mid twenties, Thor’s knowledge and skills are already hyper-extensive. With a constant appetite for learning more and always hunting for the best way to solve a problem, Thor – who we also envy for having the coolest name in the company – is an experienced XR developer that will pick any problem apart. Thor is a great problem solver and innovator that always finds ways to push any limits. Thor’s friendly and warm-hearted nature shows in how well he cares for his co-workers, and he is ready to provide a helping hand for anyone who needs it. Thor also has multiple passions that span from building his own 3D printers at home to graphics design.

Andreas Mielonen, Technical 3D Artist

With a hyper-mind for analyzing situations, understanding clients, and planning a strategic road ahead, Andreas is both an awesome technical artist that does magic with any 3D model or scene while at the same time always raising the overall team spirit. Andreas provides constant smiles across the team with his sense of humor. With his winner attitude, which is always shown at maximum at the ping pong table during lunch, he engages everyone around him. Besides being a multitalent always loaded with great ideas that also takes care of all aspects of 3D content – from modeling, texturing, lighting, optimizing, or finding the next optimal workflow – Andreas has deep technical understanding of most things and is a solid rock in the team that can always be counted on to step up when the heat is on. 

Mats Elfving, Senior Software Architect and Developer

A software architect with over 25 years of experience in the field, Mats is a rare blend of an experienced, serious, and structured professional with a heart that beats for creativity, playfulness, gaming, music and art. Mats’ inventive spirit led him to pioneer and develop groundbreaking software for the automatic warping of double-curved surfaces, showcasing his ability to think outside the box and push technological boundaries. During his career, he has developed a deep understanding of how software design plays a crucial role in the effectiveness and longevity of projects and programs.

Fredrik Frank, Business Developer

When you meet Fredrik the universe will fill with words, words that have one thing in common – to build a long-lasting relation. With the longest experience of us in the real world, he knows the business from many chairs within a company. This in combination with his fascination for XR will make him your hyper-guide between the real and the virtual world. With the heart in the right place for people he also has a passion for sports and nature. Perhaps that is where he gets his hyper-energy, hiking, skiing or making friends by the campfire. Fredrik will make sure you grow both business and relations for the future.

Emil Jönsson, Senior Fullstack Developer

With a hyper-eye for monitoring and finding the latest suitable technology, Emil will always present awesomeness to the team and propose great solutions to any challenge. Emil possesses a wide range of competencies and will do amazing work on anything from in-engine XR frontend development to hardcore backend, AI, web, or planning. Emil always makes sure that the team is working with awesome tools toward clear goals and measures performance in any way, helping to improve the team’s workflow and processes. Besides being our structured team lead, Emil is a passionate climber that always enjoys spending time on rocky walls, as well as creating 3D magic in the virtual worlds for both the team and our clients.

Anna Adelman, People & Communication

Anna, with a hyper-focus on making sure the team performance and well-being is at the highest possible level at all times, will never stop developing the team in any way she can. Ranging from building a great internal feedback culture to growing healthy minds and bodies that prosper in work or life in general, Anna is also always on the chase of the latest science to develop and grow any team or individual further. When Anna is not working on Hypr10 she is most likely somewhere in the forest with one of her training groups, making sure they sweat and get strong. In her own business Stark Ute, which is Anna’s main occupation, Anna is educating new instructors of CrossNature, outdoor workout for physical and mental well-being. Anna is not afraid, though, of stepping into virtuality at any time to make a difference with her continuous appetite for learning new things.

Kenneth Häggmark, CEO

Kenneth has a hyper-passion for bringing XR into the future of training and will always enjoy bending the rules a bit to push the limits of technology. He gains his energy when great things are achieved and seing people grow. Kenneth enjoys building a great business as well working with technology that reach far into the future. With an extensive background in simulation and visualization within different fields, Kenneth has a bird’s eye-view perspective on where XR technology is today and always has ideas about tomorrow in his pocket. When alone, Kenneth is all into enjoying life and living in the moment, if not sports then playing music or reading about physics.

the story

Hypr10 is a spin-off from the publicly listed company Goodbye Kansas Group (formerly known as Bublar Group), an early XR conglomerate listed on NASDAQ First North and originally co-founded by Hypr10’s CEO Kenneth Häggmark back in 2015.

Back in 2018, Bublar Group acquired Stockholm based XR business Vobling, which was founded three years earlier. Vobling, back then being a Swedish pioneer of bringing XR technology to businesses, worked with many clients creating part of Sweden’s early XR landscape, producing an endless stream of proof of concepts and projects for clients of different sizes, opening up the world of XR in Sweden.

During the years following the pandemic, the overall company group strategy changed and in 2022 XR technology was no longer considered core business of Goodbye Kansas Group, following Bublar Group’s acquisition of Goodbye Kansas Holding a few years earlier.

Following this new strategy, Kenneth Häggmark along with colleagues from Vobling – still strong in the mindset of building a future where XR was to play an important role – left Goodbye Kansas Group and Vobling in order to continue the XR journey. A start-up was created in hyper-speed and a new goal was set: to focus entirely within the XR field, narrowed down to specialize in high-end advanced XR training. Bringing with them some of the most treasured XR talents, clients, and projects from before, in understanding with Goodbye Kansas Group, a forward-looking company with veins of innovations started up in a new shape.

Hypr10 was born. The time is early 2023. The rest will follow…

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