your XR training solution .

Hypr10 specialises in XR training and simulation to give you the best solution for your needs. The business model includes consultancy, production of small to large scale projects as well as platform development for training and simulation.

Using immersive technology, 3D visualization and human centered interfaces, we optimize your training and simulation.

virtually, anything is possible

Our expert team is here to revolutionize the world of training and simulation through the power of extended reality, XR, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

By bending the rules of imagination, we aim to create a paradigm shift in the way knowledge is acquired, skills are developed, and performance is optimized.

Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals, enhance organizational efficiency, and contribute to the positive transformation of industries across the globe.

with better results and up to 99%+ in cost savings, you don’t have to save lives to see the benefits of XR in training

get stuck for good

Repeat training easily and as often as needed.

Consistent, repeatable guidance for all users, no matter where and when they train.

Improve memory retention by engaging multiple human senses in a realistic, natural way that is comparable to real-world scenarios.

Collect and analyze data on user progress and performance.

when wrong goes right

Allow users to make mistakes in a controlled environment and provide instant feedback to quickly improve their skills.

saving the planet while saving money

Creating digital products and environments for virtual training efficiently reduces material consumption and production of real life products needed for training.

Reduce traveling and shipping of physical products.

safety in training while preparing for the future

Reducing accidents by training users on situations in a virtual environment.

Train directly for highly dangerous situations and accident scenarios in a controlled and safe virtual space.

a good example

With our immersive technology we can create simulations that train medical professionals in complex situations, such as surgeries, without putting patients at risk. By providing realistic scenarios that replicate real-world situations, medical professionals could gain invaluable experience and knowledge before ever stepping into an operating room. We can also learn from the behaviours during the training by tracking things like eye movements and stress levels.

We believe you see the benefits for everyone…

watch this

The benefits of XR training are perfectly exemplified in Hypr10’s forklift training demo. By allowing the user to perfectly mimic real world actions – such as pulling levers and turning keys – by tracking their hand movements, muscle memory and general memory retention is greatly improved compared to traditional mediums. Features such as eye tracking not only ensure that the user inspects and interacts with the correct parts of the experience, but also enables data collection for efficient analysis and improvement of the training experience. In the demo, the user seamlessly transitions between AR and VR environments in a way that allows instructors to be part of the training environment when necessary. 

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